Will Saints Row (2022) come to Game Pass?

The new Saints Row game that will officially release on Aug. 23 marks the reboot of the GTA-esque franchise. New characters will replace the ones from the previous Saints Rows game, but players will still get to be in charge of the criminal organization known as The Saints.

Saints Row is an open-world action game created by Volition and published by Silver Games that takes place in a new fictional town named Santo Ileso. Players control a character simply known as The Boss and they have to put The Saints organization on the map while taking down rivals such as Los Panteros, the Idols, and Marshall Defense Industries.

As there is with every Saints Row game, there is plenty of hype for this reboot. The game will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Google Stadia. With the release right around the corner, there are players wondering whether Saints Row will be available on Microsoft’s paid subscription service Xbox Game Pass at launch.

The subscription cost of Game Pass ranges from $10 to $15 and gives access to a digital catalog of over 100 games that change from time to time. The service is available for Xbox consoles, PC, and also includes some mobile games.

Will Saints Row (2022) come to Xbox Game Pass at launch?

Saints Row will not be available on Game Pass at launch. Saints Row is only available for those who purchase a digital copy on the Microsoft Store or a physical copy in retail stores at the moment.

Will Saints Row (2022) come to Xbox Game Pass in the future?

At the moment, it’s unclear whether Microsoft and Deep Silver have plans to bring Saints Row to Game Pass’ catalog. The publisher has made games like Chorus available for Game Pass in the past but is yet to reveal if it’s planning to add Saints Row down the line.

If Deep Silver and Microsoft do reach an agreement, Saints Row would likely arrive on Game Pass in 2023 and not this year.

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