Why the Genshin Impact Anime is a Great Idea

Genshin Impact, the beloved gacha game that drew in hundreds upon thousands of players to its gorgeous world and colorful cast of characters, is getting an anime. A collaboration between HoYoverse and Japanese animation studio Ufotable, the yet untitled anime just released a concept trailer. Ufotable is known for popular anime such as Fate/Zero and, more recently, Demon Slayer, so fans are excited to see what the two companies come up with.

Given the game’s visual style, it’s not at all surprising that an anime is in development. In fact, it’s a great idea for HoYoverse’s most popular IP. Plus, other games have gone the same route, notably with the Castlevania series and the recent Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. A Genshin Impact anime is an exciting new way for fans to enjoy the series.


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What A Genshin Impact Anime Could Bring to the Table

It was just a matter of time before HoYoverse announced a Genshin Impact anime. The anime aesthetic and the colorful setting make it the perfect subject for an animated production – not to mention the characters and their striking designs. But most of all, the sheer amount of lore in Genshin Impact gives the developer plenty of material for the anime.

Of course, there’s no way to predict what HoYoverse and ufotable have planned for the anime, but the trailer’s description does say it’s a “long-term collaboration project.” So, maybe players can expect a series that tells a new story, adding to the already lively world of Teyvat. One of the most striking images in the video is that of Aether and Lumine standing together. Perhaps the trailer is hinting that the project is a prequel to the events of Genshin Impact.

Whatever the case, the Genshin Impact anime is in a great position to expound on the world’s lore. While every inch of the game – from Character Stories to Artifact Descriptions – is covered in lore, not every player takes the time to read about the stories of Teyvat. And even with the game’s wide variety of quests, many players focus their attention on the main storyline – the Archon Quests. It’s a shame since the world of Genshin Impact has plenty of interesting stories to tell.

This is where the anime comes in. It could introduce fans of the game to lesser-known elements of the lore. For instance, it could delve into character backstories, since these are mostly found in text sections in the Characters Menu. It could also focus on events that took place before the Genshin Impact Traveler arrived in Teyvat. For example, the fall of Khaenri’ah or how the Fatui Harbingers were brought together.

Alternatively, the Genshin Impact anime could explore an entirely new story, similar to what the Genshin Impact webtoon did. The webtoon actually teased Collei, Cyno, and Dottore’s appearances in the game, generating hype for them. The anime could do something similar, then, perhaps telling a seemingly detached story set in one of the yet unreleased regions of Genshin Impact. This gets players excited for the upcoming regions and gives them a sneak peek of its characters and visuals. It could even hook a few new players who have yet to play Genshin Impact.

Whether the Genshin Impact anime features past or future events in the game’s timeline, it’s sure to give fans a whole new look at the world of Teyvat. That’s why it’s such an exciting project. No doubt, it’ll be a field day for lore buffs and a treat for even the more casual Genshin Impact players.

Genshin Impact is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

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