What we learned, and what we didn’t, from the GTA 6 leak

PC gaming is abuzz today: Over the weekend roughly an hour of footage (opens in new tab) from Grand Theft Auto 6 was leaked onto the internet. Most of the videos, some 90 different clips, are just a few seconds long and show early development footage and game testing in debug mode, though a few longer sequences show interior locations and some character dialogue. Rockstar has confirmed the footage is genuine and that it was the result of a “network intrusion” by a hacker, rather than an internal leak.

Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has been issuing takedown notices for the footage, but with the internet being the internet, the clips keep springing back up as quickly as they’re removed. While I’ve seen just about all of the footage, I won’t be sharing a link to it or posting screenshots in this article. I’m just going to point out a few notable things I saw in the clips in case you don’t want to dig around for them yourself. 

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