The Cards Of Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go 3: Pokemon-V

During the swivel era, thePokemon TCG released at least one new expansion every year. A special expansion is a collection of cards that don’t include the current era title in the name of the presenter and often that are directly related to a certain subject. Another feature of special expansions is that they come just in set-specific products, rather than in booster packs and individual packs. For example, a series set would be Sword & Shield Astral Radiance and The Sword & Shield Lost Origin, and a special set would beShining Fates and Celebrations, and the topic of this new spotlight series, thePokemon GO expansion. The special set was released on July 1st 2022. It was made by Niantic Labs, the mobile developer behind the iconicgamePokemon GO. The set brings over certain elements of the game to a better understanding of this theme. The set also continues to include current elements such as VSTARs, Radiant Pokemon, Alternate Arts and many more. You can take a walk around the whole set as well as the artwork, discuss the character of the card in the set and explain what the new dimension of the game may be, and discuss it with me. Today, I will continue with the Pokemon-V set.These are the standalone Vs that don’t exist with the ‘Track’ or ‘Monopolis.

Pokemon GO card. Credit: Pokemon TCG

There are Alolan Exeggutor V by artistMUGENUP, Conkeldurr V byAyaka Yoshida and Slaking V bySaki Hayashiro. All three of them are pretty normal 3D-style Pokemon V. Each of these is interesting in the Pokémon GO game, with Alolan Exeggutor being part of the big Alolan rollout, Conkeldurr being a formidable attacking in Raids and Slaking being a giant tank of a Gym Defender.

Keep the alert for the more continuous journey through Pokemon TCG : Pokemon GO. The spotlight will be updated next time, with more cards from the main section of this themed expansion.

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