Prepare to Play Through PS5’s Gotham Knights a Fair Few Times

Image: Push Square Aiming to eke every last drop of lore from Warner Bros Montreal’s upcoming superhero outing, Gotham Knights? You’ll need to strap yourself in for several playthroughs if that’s your aim! Effectively, because there are four characters to take control of, each run will provide you with a slightly different take on events. … Read more

The Story Behind Mortal Kombat’s Iconic Dragon Logo

You’ve probably seen the silhouette of Mortal Kombat’s dragon logo so often that you don’t even think about how little sense it makes. There weren’t any dragons in the original Mortal Kombat, and it doesn’t factor into the backstory about an interdimensional martial arts tournament to determine the fate of the planet. So what’s the … Read more

Ex-Suicide Squad Dev Refuses Award Over Sexual Harassment Claim

Screenshot: Warner Bros. Kim MacAskill, a writer whose career includes work on upcoming Rocksteady game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, was recently nominated for a lifetime achievement award by the nonprofit organization Women in Games. However, she recently took to Twitter to announce that she cannot in good conscience accept the award, as both … Read more