Sanibel Causeway: Bridge connecting two Florida islands to mainland washed away by Hurricane Ian

CNN  —  At least three sections of the Sanibel Causeway were washed away by storm surge from Hurricane Ian, according to video from CNN affiliates WBBH and WPLG, severing the Sanibel and Captiva islands’ only connection to Florida’s mainland. The videos from the causeway show two portions of the ramp to both bridges washed away, … Read more

1,000 food workers at San Francisco airport are on strike

CNN Business  —  Workers who provide food and drinks to travelers at San Francisco International Airport are on strike, seeking what they say would be their first raise in four years. The 1,000 strikers are members of Unite Here Local 2, a Bay Area union with 15,000 members. The airport workers work under a multi-employer … Read more

Biden to announce new rules for airlines and travel sites to be more transparent about additional fees

CNN  —  President Joe Biden announced new rules Monday requiring airlines and travel sites to be more transparent about additional fees customers could be charged, fighting what he called “unnecessary hidden fees” that were “weighing down family budgets.” Under the proposed rule, airlines and travel sites “would have to disclose up front – the first … Read more

Colorado police release bodycam video of cruiser with suspect inside hit by a train

CNN  —  Colorado police released videos that show a suspect who was detained by police and placed inside a police cruiser that was hit by a train. The Fort Lupton Police Department released body camera and dashcam video on Friday showing Yareni Rios-Gonzalez inside the patrol car that was hit by a train. Rios-Gonzalez is … Read more

Traffic jams and desperation at the border as Russians flee Putin’s ‘partial mobilization’

CNN  —  Vladimir Putin’s “partial mobilization” of citizens for his war in Ukraine has already set in motion sweeping changes for many Russians, as drafted men bid their families emotional goodbyes, while others attempt to flee, scrambling to make it across land border crossings or buy air tickets out. For many of those leaving, the … Read more