NASA Is Shockingly Unprepared for a World-Ending Asteroid

It was a typical February morning in Chelyabinsk, a large city sitting in the shadows of Russia’s Ural mountains. People bundled up to get into their cars to drive to work through the snowy Siberian town. Around 9:30 a.m, though, something surreal happened: A massive streak of light seared across the sky. For a moment, … Read more

NASA officially bans sex in space over fears of astronaut pregnancies

NASA has been concerned about astronauts conducting sexual relations during missions for quite some time, even to the point where the space agency officially prohibits sex and conception in space. 2 VIEW GALLERY – 2 IMAGES In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Dr. Haig Aintablian, an emergency physician and fellow in space medicine … Read more

‘Planetary defence’: NASA targets asteroid in space collision | Space News

After NASA deliberately smashes a car-sized spacecraft into an asteroid next week, it will be up to the European Space Agency’s Hera mission to investigate the “crime scene” and uncover the secrets of these potentially devastating space rocks. NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) aims to collide with the asteroid moonlet Dimorphos on Monday night, … Read more

Scientists stumped by mysterious cyclones at Jupiter’s poles

Enormous polygon-shaped cyclone systems at Jupiter’s north and south poles have left scientists baffled over how they maintain their bizarre but beautifully geometric shapes for years. The hurricane-force storms — each the size of the continental United States — have remained inexplicably stable in their strange configurations since they were first discovered by the Juno … Read more

Meteorite that fell on a Cotswolds driveway contains extra-terrestrial water

Extra-terrestrial water has been found in a British meteorite for the first time – and it closely resembles Earth’s oceans, scientists have confirmed. The Winchcombe meteorite landed on a driveway in Gloucestershire in February last year, and was found so soon after impact that researchers believe it is one of the most pristine ever discovered. … Read more