The Story Behind Mortal Kombat’s Iconic Dragon Logo

You’ve probably seen the silhouette of Mortal Kombat’s dragon logo so often that you don’t even think about how little sense it makes. There weren’t any dragons in the original Mortal Kombat, and it doesn’t factor into the backstory about an interdimensional martial arts tournament to determine the fate of the planet. So what’s the … Read more

Random: Mortal Kombat Logo Was Nearly Scrapped After Being Mistaken For A Seahorse

Image: Nintendo Life The Mortal Kombat logo is arguably one of the most recognisable in all of gaming: the silouetted dragon swooping around to resemble the Yin and Yang symbol is stunning in its sheer simplicity. It almost wasn’t to be, however, if co-creator John Tobias had listened to a comment from his sister, who … Read more