The Worst Carbs No One Should Be Eating Anymore Because They Lead To Inflammation And Weight Gain

When you eat the right kind in moderation, carbs can be a great source of fiber and other nutrients that will help you crush your weight loss goals. However, it’s no secret that many carb-filled foods out there can cause serious damage to your overall health. Refined carbs, which are found in highly processed foods, … Read more

Beer IS good for you! Scientists claim two pints a day may slash your risk of dementia

Drinking beer every night may lower your risk of dementia, scientists claim. Australian researchers studied the drinking habits and dementia rates among 25,000 over-60s. Results showed people who drank the equivalent of two pints a day were a third less likely to get the memory-robbing condition than teetotalers. Non-drinkers faced the highest threat, according to … Read more

Study tries to see if child vaccines and asthma are linked

NEW YORK (AP) — A number of scientists have wondered if aluminum, a vaccine additive that has been used for decades, had a role in allergies and asthma in children. A new federally funded study has found a possible link, but experts say the research has important shortcomings and is not a reason to change … Read more

Scientists sound alarm over little-known STI in US resistant to EVERY antibiotic used against it 

A ‘silent-spreader’ STI which can cause infertility is feared to be evolving into a superbug. Mycoplasma genitalium, also known as M. genitalium or M. gen, has become resistant to every antibiotic used to treat it so far. The sexually transmitted infection was first discovered in London in the 1980s — but a test has only been … Read more

Artificial sweeteners tied to increased heart risk, new study finds

Participants in the study who had a higher intake of total artificial sweeteners had an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to non-consumers.NYSE/PEPSICO Handout via Reuters Artificial sweeteners are added to thousands of foods and beverages – soft drinks, yogurts, pancake syrups, jams, baked goods, frozen desserts, chewing gum, candy – to help us … Read more

Could a Covid treatment be the remedy for America’s opioid epidemic?

A therapy that rose to prominence during the Covid pandemic and was even used to treat Donald Trump may help to ease the deadly opioid overdose epidemic in the US, scientists hope. Monoclonal antibodies — or virus-fighting proteins made in a lab — fight off infections by stopping the virus from invading cells and slashing … Read more

Ultra-processed foods are harmful – but not only because of their low nutritional value

In countries such as the UK, US and Canada, ultra-processed foods now account for 50% or more of calories consumed. This is concerning, given that these foods have been linked to a number of different health conditions, including a greater risk of obesity and various chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and dementia. Ultra-processed foods … Read more

Is bubble wrapped vitamin C better for you than the ordinary pills? 

Vitamin C is the nation’s favourite supplement — and with some justification, it seems. While previous claims that it could prevent the common cold by boosting the immune system have been discredited (although it may reduce the illness’s duration by a day or two), new research has shown that its antioxidant effects have the potential … Read more

CDC blasted for use of woke term ‘pregnant people’ in monkeypox guidance

The CDC was today blasted over its decision to drop the word ‘women’ from monkeypox guidance in favor of the term ‘pregnant people’. Former Trump Administration staffer Roger Severino said the move was another ‘dangerous’ sign of woke gender ideology creeping into crucial health advice. The CDC was slammed last year for erasing ‘women’ from advice … Read more