Street Fighter 6’s training mode will feature visual frame data bar, practice for common scenarios, and more

While the biggest news to drop from today’s Street Fighter 6 Special Program was the reveal of the game’s entire launch roster, another important unveiling happened that deserves attention. For the first time, Capcom showed off the game’s Training Mode, which looks like it’ll come with a robust set of features that fans will enjoy.

The standout facet here that has the FGC quite happy already is the visual frame data bar that can be popped on in training. This large meter appears at the bottom of the screen and shows the various stages of an attack or maneuver from start up to recovery allowing players to know exactly what the stats of their attacks are.

“Frame data in Training Mode has been improved with a new set of bars in the middle of the screen,” writes the official Street Fighter Twitter account. “See the startup, total, and recovery frames for an individual move or an entire combo all at once. This also includes the opponent’s recovery.”

An in-game infographic was also shared by the social media account that explains exactly what this meter does and how it works. Basically, every single pip on the bar represents a single frame, and when an attack is activated, the pips will fill the bar with various colors and amounts to represent start up, recovery, and total frames.

On top of that, other move traits such as hit invincibility, projectile invincibility, punish counter state, and more are displayed when applicable. The in-game graphic explains what each state is, as well as the basics of frame data for players of all skill levels to understand.

Additionally, this mode will come equipped with preset scenarios that you can select and practice to better your game. The scenarios are based off of common situations you’ll find yourself in throughout a match, such as performing anti-airs on an opponent jumping at you or Drive Impact defense practice.

“Training Mode in #StreetFighter6 is packed with new features to help both seasoned veterans and beginners alike. Simple Training Settings makes it easier to practice different situations like anti-airs, whiff punishes, reaction timing, and more,” explains the Street Fighter Twitter page.

This will undoubtedly help newcomers and those looking to learn new characters immensely as it removes the need to record and playback these scenarios yourself. I can see this being extremely helpful for those switching mains as each character deals with situations differently, and being able to pop into training mode and jump right into the thick of it is an excellent option to have.

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