Spider-Man & Magik’s New Costumes Unleashed in Official Midnight Suns Art

Marvel Comics has released a new variant cover that showcases the all-new costumes for Spider-Man and Magik in the upcoming Midnight Suns video game.

With the upcoming video game Marvel’s Midnight Suns coming out this December, Marvel has revealed the game’s new looks for Spider-Man and Magik in a new variant cover for the Midnight Suns comic series. The Midnight Suns are not your usual team of superheroes, and with members like Blade, Ghost Rider and more they have been known to be a bit extreme in their methods.

The Midnight Sons is Marvel’s sporadically formed team of supernatural antiheroes that most often go up against mystical and demonic enemies. The team first came together in 1992’s Ghost Rider #31 by Howard Mackie and Andy Kubert, in order to fight Lilith, the wife of Satan. Though members rotate frequently, some notables include: Ghost Riders Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze, Blade, Morbius, and Doctor Strange. Over the years the Midnight Sons have become best known for being filled with magically powered heroes and for going to dramatic lengths to save the day.


Related: Marvel’s New Midnight Suns Team Is Better Than EverNow Firaxis Games, in association with Marvel Games, will be releasing Midnight Suns, a tactical RPG game based on the team, but which will also include more well known heroes as well, such as Iron Man and Captain Marvel. To celebrate Marvel Comics is releasing variant covers that showcase classic heroes in their new Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ armor. Marvel has also launched a new Midnight Suns comic series by Ethan Sacks and Luigi Zagaria. With a new variant cover from artist Seamas Gallagher fans are getting their first look at what Spider-Man and Magik will look like in the game.

Officially listed as “Midnight Suns Armor,” each hero is bedecked in gold and black costumes. Spider-Man in particular has a striking gold webbing pattern on the top of his mask and lower arms. His form-fitting costume shows off its more armor-like elements in its shoulder pad design, red eyes, and leather gloves. The white spider symbol is the most prominent feature, emblazoned in an almost white-hot golden fire pattern. However, where Spider-Man’s fire is simple design, Magik’s is very literal. With glowing flames extending from her sword as well as fiery horns and whip-like tail, the X-Men’s Queen of Limbo looks far more demon than human. Her armor is medieval in design, and very reminiscent of the armor she manifests on her left arm when using her powers and her sword. That manifested armor is now glowing hot, with fire engulfing it from elbow to fingertips. These are two badass designs for the characters and are sure to get a lot of people excited about the possibilities of the upcoming game.

All in all this new variant cover gives fans a look at the amazing design work being done for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Spider-Man and Magik have never looked for fearsome in their new armor designs, and with more characters, like Wolverine, sure to be previewed in upcoming issues, anticipation for Marvel’s newest video game is only sure to grow. Midnight Suns #1 is out in comic book stores now, and Marvels Midnight Suns will be released for all platforms starting on December 22nd.

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