Six years of playing PC: This was our first computer game, Part 1

By now I’m a 35-year-old computer editor here. That’s why my first experiences with PC games are probably a little older than the ones of my other kids. I can still remember very well that I played the pre-installed games Solitaire, Hearts, Tetris and Minesweeper very often on my fathers computer. Unfortunately, the modern Pac-Man has probably fallen into it.

The game of december beating the four ghosts into a labyrinth has no effasives. But I can’t really tell you a lot about the yellow wolverine, but he saw the light of day in 1980 at the arcade. That’s what I played in my early gaming years with a title. As far as we know, I decided to go to another place that I already enjoyed and play much in this time of the year, and as far as video games come from today. We talked about the first adventure of now world-famous archaeologist Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The game that Toni and Chris were enthusiastic about when they were young allows you to read our first part.

By Michael Grunwald

The thirty years of PC games were our first games, PART 1 (3) Source: Square Enix It wasn’t really legal that I played Tomb Raider when it was released. I still remember very well that the parents did not want me to play with that shooter or moaning woman either.

I can say that after all, 1996 was the title. If someone is nine years old, Tomb Raider might be pretty hard. Even a few years later, I didn’t dare to continue playing alone in the sequels. The series has a wide variety of horror sections, and they are not particularly perfect for children.

At this time, I went to good friends to play the first part of the adventure series with them. It wasn’t love at first sight, but at the end of the third grade, Tomb Raider had complete control over me.

The third chapter of the game was very difficult after its conclusion, when it was a little scary in dreary cave areas. Finally, the lost valley gave the heroes of all young people: dinosaurs!

You wouldn’t have been good at shooting primeval creatures, I was a much too big dinosaur fan, but it would’ve been counterproductive for the course of the game. The legend of the naive place after the yeroxes is in the corner. The Tyrannosaurus Rex comes right over the corner of the bridge.

Boy, did I play this segment a lot and I must admit, Lara has never come over.

Of course, the entire adventure would offer many memorable levels such as the Colosseum, the Cistern and the Atlantis. It is partly a memory that kept me active. I even enjoyed playing the many criticized reboot trilogy and like the change towards a more human Lara Croft.

The restart was very necessary and I hope for a few more games regarding the archaeologist in the future. The first videogame experiences make us a lot of fun. At least for me, I still like playing action-packed adventures with strong characters and a great story. And of course non-destructible dinosaurs should also be missing!

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