Sails Of The Shipstealer Week 5 Guide

Destiny 2’s Season Of Plunder enters into week 5, and with it, so too does the Sails of the Shipstealer questline advance. The quest picks up where we left off, carrying us from Step 34 to 41.

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This week continues the usual rhythm of tackling the different seasonal activities and furthering along the story of Eramis and her desire to collect the darkness relics scattered throughout the system. Eido finally learns more of the truth about Mithrax’s pirate past, and a vital new piece of information about the Relics is revealed.


Step 34: Visit The Star Chart

Return to the H.E.L.M. to receive your next seasonal mission. Mithrax meets us, and he warns that Eido sent a message to Eramis seeking a meeting, invoking an old eliksni ritualistic ceasefire. Mithrax does not trust Eramis to honor the peaceful nature of these talks. If Eramis accepts, he asks you to accompany Eido on this dangerous mission.

Step 35: Buried Treasure & Champions

The first part of this quest – digging up buried treasure on an Expedition – is an easy one. Simply equip a treasure map in your Captain’s Atlas, and remember to dig up the treasure at the end of the activity.

The second part, defeating 50 Champions, might give you pause. It’s quite the number! One Master Ketchcrash run will complete the Champion requirement, but that activity doesn’t include any matchmaking, so you’ll need to gather a strike team ahead of running it. Otherwise, you’ll need to defeat Champions elsewhere. Expeditions or Dares of Eternity can net you 6 per run.

UPDATE: Bungie heard the complaints about the completion requirement for this step, and they decided to auto-complete it for all Guardians. If you haven’t gotten to this step yet, congratulations! It’s done.

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Step 36: Pirate Hideout: Arask, The Bully

Like previous weekly quest steps, you’ve located another Pirate Hideout in the Themis Cluster, and along with it, another Relic for you to keep out of Eramis’ hands. Launch the Pirate Hideout mission from the H.E.L.M. Eido warns you that Arask will not confront you until he’s exhausted all of his warriors. You’ll battle him through his cavernous lair, defeating waves of his crew, fight him until he’s taken enough damage, then he’ll retreat to the next chamber. Chase him through his hideout until you reach his treasure room, where you’re able to slay him.

Once the Pirate Lord has been slain, Eido receives a message from Eramis. Eramis agrees to the parley, but she warns Eido not to stand in her way. Eido is perhaps being too naive, thinking she can somehow reach an understanding with Eramis—especially with what we know of Eramis’ past—but Eido is determined to try.

Retrieve the Relic to complete the mission.

Step 37: Witness The Parley

As soon as you retrieve the Relic, you will be transported to the parley.

Mithrax, Eido, and Eramis meet. Tensions are running high, especially due to your presence, but things eventually calm. Eido warns Eramis of a third party seeking the relics, which were discovered during last week’s Pirate Hideout mission. It is still unclear who this third party might be, however.

Eramis alludes to Mithrax knowing the dark power of these Relics, which Eido takes as her queue to prompt Mithrax for the truth again.

Instead, Eramis tells of Mithrax’s past. You’re treated to an artful cutscene of Mithrax’s history with the Relics, how they were collected from the Darkness Pyramid on the Moon, from Nazarec’s corpse, and how they corrupted him. She explains that Mithrax became one of the most ruthless pirates among the eliksni. Eramis views Mithrax as a liar and a murderer, a charlatan parading as pious.

The meeting ends shortly after these revelations, with Mithrax begging to explain to his daughter. Eido leaves without a word.

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Step 38: Visit The Ether Tank Holoprojector

Navigate to the H.E.L.M. and travel to Last City – Eliksni Quarter. Eido has left a message for you. She’s processing learning about this dark side of her father. She’s frustrated and feels mistrusted. Despite all of this, she’s more determined than ever to ensure your mission is successful in order to keep these Relics of Nezarec from falling into the wrong hands.

Step 39: Visit Spider In The Ether Tank

It’s time to play Spider’s special game again! Choose from the three random offerings of Spider’s Special Engram. The choice itself doesn’t matter much. You’ll receive a seasonal weapon with Deepsight Resonance as reward.

Step 40: Continue To Speak With Spider

Spider is again frustrated that you’ve selected a prize piece of loot from him. Eido reports that she just jammed another signal, and she now is wondering if Spider has some sort of cheating device he’s been using with this little game of his. She vows to continue disrupting the signal “in the name of fairness.”

Step 41: Await Further Instructions

This marks the end of Sails of the Shipstealer week 5. Mithrax and Eido will contact you once they’ve gathered enough intel to begin the next set of missions. In the meantime, continue to work toward completing your weekly seasonal challenges—and make sure to drop off your new Relic at the H.E.L.M.

Bonus Lore

As usual, you can return outside The Ether Tank to the blue computer screen set up just beside the holoprojector. This time, you’re treated to a conversation between Mithrax and Eido. Mithrax does not apologize for hiding his past from her and instead stresses that some history is worth forgetting. But, Eido is the historian of their people, and she is determined to uncover the truth.

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