Rise of the Ronin offers a glimpse into life after Elden Ring

Why has Rise of the Ronin caught my attention? Because finishing Elden Ring was like the end of a long-term relationship. After spending so much time plundering and prospering in the Lands Between – my pre-New Game+ exploits having clocked in at well over 200 hours – letting go of FromSoftware’s blockbuster action RPG wasn’t easy. FIFA 22 offered a degree of casual reprieve in its wake, a place to relax and unwind and delight in beating opponents with cheeky last-minute goals online, but the buzz wasn’t the same. And so I threw myself into the mindless slaughter of Sniper Elite 5, returned to Sable for a wistful wander, and, at one point, even considered tackling my shameful backlog. Heaven forbid.

Truth be told, in the immediate aftermath of Elden Ring, I wasn’t ready for another all-encompassing sandbox action role-player. I was in a state of flux, of ambient decompression, similar to how we move from the most mentally-demanding prestige dramas to our favorite comfort comedies, such as The Office or Parks and Recreation. Sure, moving on from our favorite video games isn’t easy – that is, until another grabs us by the eyeballs and pulls us straight back in. Enter PS5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin, Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo’s latest samurai action RPG, revealed during September’s State of Play showcase.

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Rise of the Ronin

(Image credit: Team Ninja)

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