Royal coffins, like Queen Elizabeth’s, are lined with lead. Here’s why

Queen Elizabeth II’s winding final journey from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch to Windsor Castle on Monday weighed heavily on the eight soldiers who bore her coffin — in part because it was lined with lead. The tradition goes back centuries and began with a practical consideration: to help the bodies of deceased monarchs remain … Read more

Unpatched 15-year old Python bug allows code execution in 350k projects

A vulnerability in the Python programming language that has been overlooked for 15 years is now back in the spotlight as it likely affects more than 350,000 open-source repositories and can lead to code execution. Disclosed in 2007 and tagged as CVE-2007-4559, the security issue never received a patch, the only mitigation provided being a … Read more

1 dead, 16 hurt in SR-60 crash in Osceola County

A deadly crash in Osceola County shut down a road Wednesday morning.State troopers have had the road blocked as they continue to piece together what happened in the crash. According to Osceola County fire officials, crews were called around 6 a.m. to a crash at SR-60 and Peavine Road, west of Yeehaw Junction. The crash … Read more

Saints Row CEO Sounds Disappointed About New Reboot’s Sales

Image: Deep Silver While digital and physical sales of the Saints Row reboot hit a strong second place in both American and European markets, the open-world crime sim was denied first place by Madden NFL 23 and Grand Theft Auto V, respectively. While second place isn’t bad, the Saints Row reboot has actually been a … Read more

Home prices plummet in August thanks to rising mortgage rates : NPR

Both home prices and the pace of home sales are falling nationally as higher mortgage rates cool off the market. tommy/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption tommy/Getty Images Both home prices and the pace of home sales are falling nationally as higher mortgage rates cool off the market. tommy/Getty Images Higher mortgage rates are throwing … Read more

Metal: Hellsinger – Zero Punctuation

Want to watch Zero Punctuation ad-free? Sign-up for The Escapist + today and support your favorite content creators! You might look at those speedrun and gimmick run streamers all competing to beat Dark Souls or Ocarina of Time the fastest or without using weapons or with a Guitar Hero controller or with both arms tied to the … Read more

Morgan Stanley Says These 3 Reliable Dividend Stocks Should Be on Your Buy List (Especially Right Now)

The major investment bank Morgan Stanley has been sounding alerts about the increasingly difficult economic conditions for several months now, and the firm’s chief US equity strategist Mike Wilson headed up a recent note on the topic of defensive investing, especially dividend investing. Wilson lays out a clear strategy for dividend investors, starting with the … Read more