Naruto Toys with an Exile Following Boruto’s New Chapter

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has seen the creator of the Shonen franchise return as a writer for the manga, with Masashi Kishimoto wasting little time in changing the world of the Hidden Leaf forever. With the latest chapter continuing the battle against Code, the new leader of the Kara Organization, a certain event has many believing that an exile might be in the future of Konoha as the lines between villain and hero continue to blur and the Shonen series marches forward. 

Warning. This article will dive into spoiler territory for the latest chapters of the manga, so if you’re just following the events of the anime, be forewarned.

In the latest chapter of Boruto’s manga, Momoshiki has once again taken over Boruto’s body, with the drugs administered by Amado seemingly unable to keep the Otsutsuki at bay. With the son of the Seventh Hokage becoming just as big of a threat, if not more so than Code and his allies within the new iteration of the Kara Organization, the Hidden Leaf Village might need to make some heavy decisions as to how they will move forward with this ticking time bomb in their midst. 

One Boruto fan promoted the idea that Konoha might need to exercise the son of Naruto, considering that the young ninja is causing just as much havoc, if not more than, the members of Kara that are seeking to get revenge for the loss of their leader, Jigen, in the previous arc of the manga:

The final moments of the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations introduce an unexpected variant in the fight against Kara, as Kawaki demonstrates that he still is able to access the power of Karma and returns to his strongest state as a result. With Naruto and Shikamaru entering the fray, the battle against Code still has the possibility of ending poorly for Konoha, especially with the shadow manipulator seemingly being far outclassed when it comes to the power levels that make up this brawl. Needless to say, fans definitely have reason to be worried, especially with Kishimoto having already killed the likes of Kurama and Jigen in chapters past.

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