Is Meteor Beam good in Pokémon Go?

Meteor Beam is charged attack in Pokémon Go. You can teach it specific Pokémon in the mobile game. A charged attack is one of the most potent attacks your Pokémon can learn, and several factors come into play to determine if a charged attack is good or not. This guide will cover if Meteor Beam is good and if you should teach it to your Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Should your Pokémon learn Meteor Beam in Pokémon Go?

Meteor Beam is a charged attack and will be a Rock-type move. You can use it against other players in PvP battles or unleash it against PvE battles while battling against Team Rocket or fighting in raids against wild Pokémon. This attack will have different stats for PvP and PvE situations.

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Here’s a detailed breakdown of Meteor Beam’s stats in PvE and PvP situations.

  • PvP
    • Meteor Beam will do 120 damage and cost 60 energy in battles against other trainers. It will have a 100% chance to increase the user’s attack stat by one rank
  • PvE
    • When using Meteor Beam in PvE situations, it will do 140 damage to enemies and cost 100 energy for you to use it

When Meteor Beam releases to Pokémon Go, it will only be available to Gigalith, and you can only unlock it during Roggenrola’s Community Day. Unfortunately, despite how good this attack will be in PvP, it is wasted on Gigalith. It’s a Rock-type Pokémon that doesn’t have the best stats and fails to measure up to many Pokémon in the Battle League. We recommend it on this Pokémon, but you might not want to use Gigalith when battling against other players or even in PvE situations.

However, despite Gigalith not being a good choice for Meteor Beam, we believe this attack is incredible. It’s a robust charged attack that does 120 damage and costs 60 energy. In addition, your Pokémon will receive an attack buff every time you use it, making it even stronger. We think it has plenty of use in Pokémon Go, but likely after it becomes available to other Pokémon.

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