Diablo 4 gameplay leaks again from Blizzard’s ‘friends and family’ beta test

The past weekend has been massive for gaming leaks. First, an hour of pre-alpha Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay leaked online, split across 90 videos showing different portions of the game. Now, almost an hour’s worth of Diablo 4 gameplay has found its way onto the web. 

As with the previous Diablo 4 gameplay leak, this footage comes from Blizzard’s ‘friends and family’ test phase (via Reddit). Someone with access was streaming the game to a group in a Discord server and a member of that group recorded the footage and put it online, according to VGC. The videos are clearly watermarked, and an ID number can be seen in view, meaning Blizzard will have an easy time figuring out where this leak came from.

There are two videos currently online, one is roughly 5 minutes long, and the other is 38 minutes long. You can hear people talking in some parts of the footage, so it is far from a great look at the game.

At this point, Blizzard is starting to share more about Diablo 4 publicly and even publishes monthly development updates. With that in mind, you can get a better look at the game, and quite a bit of information on Blizzard’s plans, through official channels.

KitGuru Says: That’s two leaks in the span of two months from Diablo 4’s friends and family testing, which isn’t an ideal scenario for the team to deal with while trying to finish up the game for 2023. 

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