Deathloop Arrives On Xbox Game Pass In (Checks Watch) Five Days

Deathloop, Arkane Studios’ immersive sim about an island in a timeloop, is coming to Xbox Game Pass in just five days’ time.

If you’d like to go back and read Kotaku US‘ review from when the game launched on PlayStation 5 and PC last year, here’s the link you need. I personally enjoyed Deathloop far more than Ethan did and, of course, your mileage may vary too. If you haven’t played it before, here’s the gist: you are Colt Vahn, a man trapped on a remote island full of very strange people who want to kill you. Your memories are hazy, but it seems like you’ve been causing trouble. What you quickly discover is that the island is caught in a time loop, the inhabitants endlessly reliving the same 24-hour period. To get off the island, Colt will need to break the loop. To break the loop, he’ll need to kill the eight Visionaries that form the island’s governance in a single day. Throwing a spanner in his plans is Julianna Blake, a woman with a high-powered sniper rifle and a grudge. Colt will have to avoid Julianna’s gaze if he wants to collect the scalps he needs.

The idea that powers Deathloop is the same as any roguelike — you live, you die, you try again. Every run is a chance to collect new information. Knowledge, of course, is power, but so is telekinesis and Colt has that too. He has quite a few different powers actually, many of which will be familiar to fans of Arkane’s other immersive sims, like Dishonored and Prey.

Up until now, Deathloop stood as one of Bethesda’s final PlayStation exclusives, a deal brokered before its acquisition by Xbox parent company Microsoft. The game also launched on PC last year, but its Game Pass debut will mark its first outing on the Xbox.

Deathloop will drop on Xbox Game Pass for console, cloud and PC on September 20.

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