One of Webb Telescope’s Tools Has a Glitch

A view of Webb’s secondary mirror, captured during the telescope’s cryogenic testing. Photo: Ball Aerospace The Webb Space Telescope has been dutifully beaming back incredible images of the cosmos since its “perfect” alignment earlier this year—but nothing is entirely perfect, even a $10 billion telescope. One of Webb’s observing mechanisms has apparently run into a … Read more

Asteroid threat! Dangerous 80-foot asteroid speeding towards Earth today; NASA issues warning

A massive 80-foot wide asteroid is headed straight for Earth today, September 19. Here’s what NASA said. Earth has witnessed numerous close calls with asteroids in the past few months. August was bombarded with asteroid flybys and the month of September is continuing the trend. 3 asteroids passed by Earth closely just yesterday and 2 … Read more

Set a calendar alert: NASA to broadcast first asteroid redirect on Monday

Enlarge / An artist’s conception of DART’s electronics in the last moments before they suffer catastrophic failure. This coming Monday, NASA will broadcast its first attempt to modify the orbit of an asteroid, a capability that will be essential if we detect an asteroid that poses a threat of colliding with Earth. The planetary defense … Read more

Super-Earths are bigger, more common and more habitable than Earth itself – and astronomers are discovering more of the billions they think are out there

Astronomers now routinely discover planets orbiting stars outside of the solar system – they’re called exoplanets. But in summer 2022, teams working on NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite found a few particularly interesting planets orbiting in the habitable zones of their parent stars. One planet is 30% larger than Earth and orbits its star in … Read more

The Orbit of a Sun-Like Star Reveals The Nearest Black Hole Ever Found : ScienceAlert

In 1916, Karl Schwarzchild theorized the existence of black holes as a resolution to Einstein’s field equations for his Theory of General Relativity. By the mid-20th century, astronomers began detecting black holes for the first time using indirect methods, which consisted of observing their effects on surrounding objects and space. Since the 1980s, scientists have … Read more

These Fossil Mummies Reveal a Brutal World Long Before T. Rex Lived

Juvenile Lystrosaurus murrayi skeleton with enveloping layer interpreted as mummified skin. Photo: Courtesy Roger Smith It was a time of catastrophic change. Most of life on Earth had been wiped out, global temperatures had increased dramatically, and the weather raged in extremes. That anything survived in this hostile environment is remarkable, and yet, some plants … Read more

Welcome To Jurassic Puke | Defector

The word fossil might conjure the bones of a creature itself—a towering T. rex, a tiny trilobite, an average-sized giant sloth. But life can be immortalized in other, more oblique ways: in the traces an organism leaves behind while going about their life. Some trace fossils are almost poetic. Footprints left behind by a dinosaur … Read more