Ultra-processed foods are harmful – but not only because of their low nutritional value

In countries such as the UK, US and Canada, ultra-processed foods now account for 50% or more of calories consumed. This is concerning, given that these foods have been linked to a number of different health conditions, including a greater risk of obesity and various chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and dementia. Ultra-processed foods … Read more

Frozen Embryo Transfers Linked With 74% Greater Risk of Dangerous Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy

According to new resaearch, conceiving a baby from a frozen embryo may significantly raise the mother’s risk of dangerous hypertensive disorders. Conceiving a baby from a frozen embryo may significantly increase the mother’s risk of dangerous hypertensive disorders, according to a study published in the journal Hypertension. Compared to naturally conceived pregnancies, pregnancies conceived with … Read more

What are ultra-processed foods and why are they so bad for you?

Is your diet ultra-processed? In many households, ultra-processed foods are mainstays at the kitchen table. They include products that you may not even think of as junk food such as breakfast cereals, muffins, snack bars and sweetened yogurts. Soft drinks and energy drinks count, too. These foods represent an increasingly large share of the world’s … Read more

Sleep loss harms immune genes, triggers inflammation, study says

CNN  —  Chronic sleep deprivation in a small group of healthy adults increased production of immune cells linked to inflammation while also altering the immune cells’ DNA, a new study found. “Not only were the number of immune cells elevated, but they may be wired and programmed in a different way at the end of … Read more

10 health benefits of sooji

Semolina, popularly known as sooji or suji in many parts of  South Asia, is a popular variety of flour. It is used to make many common foods. It is a type of coarse flour that’s made from durum wheat which is a hard type of wheat, rather than the popular wheat type known simply as … Read more

Vegetarians depressed twice as often as meat-eaters: new study 

Eating green and feeling blue? Vegetarians experience depressive episodes twice as frequently as meat eaters, according to a new study by Brazilian researchers published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.  There’s a “positive association between the prevalence of depressive episodes and a meatless diet,” the study read. Scientists set out to investigate the potential association … Read more

Why the White House wants to put nutrition labels on the front of food packages : NPR

The White House is proposing pilot programs for Medicare to cover medically tailored meals — like the ones in this file photo — as well as nutrition and obesity counselling. Charles Krupa/AP hide caption toggle caption Charles Krupa/AP The White House is proposing pilot programs for Medicare to cover medically tailored meals — like the … Read more

N.J. reports 797 COVID cases, 1 death. Daily positive tests continue to fluctuate.

New Jersey on Monday reported another 797 confirmed COVID-19 cases and one confirmed death as the number of positive tests continues to fluctuate day-to-day. The state’s seven-day average for confirmed coronavirus positive tests is 1,768, a 21% increase from a week ago and 6% increase since last month. The rate of transmission was 1.11 on … Read more