The Worst Carbs No One Should Be Eating Anymore Because They Lead To Inflammation And Weight Gain

When you eat the right kind in moderation, carbs can be a great source of fiber and other nutrients that will help you crush your weight loss goals. However, it’s no secret that many carb-filled foods out there can cause serious damage to your overall health. Refined carbs, which are found in highly processed foods, … Read more

it’s not just their low nutritio…

Ultra-processed foods are concoctions of various industrial ingredients (such as emulsifiers, thickeners and artificial flavours), amalgamated into food products by a series of manufacturing processes. Sugary drinks and many breakfast cereals are ultra-processed foods, as are more recent innovations, such as so-called “plant-based” burgers, which are typically made of protein isolates and other chemicals to make the products … Read more

11 Vitamin K Foods to Keep Bones Strong and Healthy

Everyone knows that a balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals is key to a healthy lifestyle. But you seem to hear about some vitamins more than others—like how vitamin C can boost your immune system and vitamin D helps build healthy bones. Well, vitamin K is equally important. It aids in blood clotting and … Read more

3 Foods To Optimize Metabolism, From A Princeton-Trained PhD

Yes, Cowan is a fan of coffee. However, “There are ways to optimize your coffee intake to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it without experiencing some of the drawbacks,” she notes. First things first: “A lot of people will use coffee to help them go to the bathroom, which is a … Read more

Which fruits should diabetics have and in what portion?

Just last week an elderly gentleman sat across my table lamenting his high blood glucose values. “I have always been well controlled. But over the last three months, my sugars have shot up. I am very careful with my lifestyle. There is only one change I have made in my diet. I have replaced two … Read more

Creatine and Its Impact on Bodyweight – Fitness Volt

Creatine is a popular sports nutrition supplement and a hit amongst bodybuilders. It is considered an ergogenic—performance-enhancing—supp. Creatine can be produced naturally in the liver and can be obtained from the diet. Creatine can help with energy production during brief and high-intensity exercises such as weightlifting or sprinting. Studies reveal that creatine can enhance muscle … Read more

How Low Carbohydrates Can Increase Aerobic Capacity: The Glycogen Threshold

We often discuss concepts like the aerobic threshold, the anaerobic threshold, the lactate threshold, etc. But have you heard of the Glycogen Threshold?  To put it simply, low carbs availability in your muscles can serve as strong signals to increase your muscle’s aerobic capacity. Hello everyone, welcome to fall! I hope you had a great … Read more