Some pre-existing conditions matter a lot more when assessing COVID-19 outcomes

A new paper in Biology Methods & Protocols, published by Oxford University Press, indicates that some pre-existing conditions-;including degenerative neurological diseases, dementia, and severe disabilities-;matter a lot more than once thought when assessing who is at risk for death due to COVID-19. COVID-19 has changed lives dramatically. In the United States, the disease may result … Read more

The Worst Carbs No One Should Be Eating Anymore Because They Lead To Inflammation And Weight Gain

When you eat the right kind in moderation, carbs can be a great source of fiber and other nutrients that will help you crush your weight loss goals. However, it’s no secret that many carb-filled foods out there can cause serious damage to your overall health. Refined carbs, which are found in highly processed foods, … Read more

‘Untreatable’ STI linked to infertility due to ‘silent spread’

A new possible “superbug” STI that has proven resistant to antibiotics thus far has scientists worried amid an “out of control” STD epidemic, with the medical community saying more screenings for the disease are needed. Mycoplasma genitalium — also known as M. genitalium or M. gen — is a sexually-transmitted bacterial infection that can cause … Read more

Unvaccinated individuals 14 times more likely to get monkeypox than vaccinated, new US data shows

CNN  —  Eligible individuals who did not receive the monkeypox vaccine were around 14 times likelier to become infected with the virus than those who were vaccinated, according to federal government data described to CNN by multiple US health officials. That figure reflects the first wave of authoritative data collected by the Biden administration on … Read more

it’s not just their low nutritio…

Ultra-processed foods are concoctions of various industrial ingredients (such as emulsifiers, thickeners and artificial flavours), amalgamated into food products by a series of manufacturing processes. Sugary drinks and many breakfast cereals are ultra-processed foods, as are more recent innovations, such as so-called “plant-based” burgers, which are typically made of protein isolates and other chemicals to make the products … Read more

California enjoys ‘good COVID weather,’ but winter could bring surprises

California is entering the fall with coronavirus in retreat. Cases have fallen significantly from the height of the Omicron wave this spring and summer, and that has allowed government officials to ease both mask rules and recommendations. But health experts are warning these conditions could change as the weather cools, people head indoors and new … Read more