A Naruto Hero Just Sealed Konoha’s Fate Forever

Contains spoilers for Boruto chapter #72!

The “smartest” hero in Naruto is apparently not so smart in Boruto, as he just took a very unwise decision that could have sealed the fate of Konoha forever. Shikamaru, who is known as the most intelligent shinobi of the Hidden Leaf, made a deal to accept in the village two of the most dangerous villains that Konoha ever faced, which all but guarantees the downfall of his homeland.

Shinobi Shikamaru is one of the most popular characters in Naruto. Compared to his fellow shinobi, Shikamaru lacks impressive powers or strength, however, he makes it up with cunningness, strategy, and wit. Many times, he was able to defeat much stronger opponents by making use of tactics, which made him stand out from other characters in the series. In Boruto, Shikamaru has grown up to be the Hokage’s counselor, and Naruto keeps his opinion in high esteem. However, when Konoha has to deal with Amado and the two dangerous cyborgs, Eida and Daemon, Shikamaru’s decisions seem to be lacking his proverbial intelligence and foresight.


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After the defeat of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, two new powerful villains emerged, two cyborgs created by the scientist Amado. Eida has the power to make anyone fall in love with her to the point of total submission, while Daemon is so inexplicably strong he smashed every power level established in Boruto. However, they seem to harbor no ill intent towards Konoha. In chapter #72, Shikamaru agrees to a deal to accept both in the village, in exchange for support against another powerful enemy, Code, Isshiki’s successor. Eida apparently just wants to get close to her beloved Kawaki, who is residing in Konoha, while Daemon follows his sister’s orders.

Apparently, Shikamaru gained Konoha two powerful allies, but in truth he just invited disaster into the village. Eida’s ability is so absurdly overpowered that she could easily rule the world with it. Anyone, no matter the gender, who is in her presence becomes unable to oppose her in any way. Having her in Konoha means that all the inhabitants of the village, including all the powerful shinobi, will fall under her spell. Daemon, on the other hand, is seemingly unbeatable, and he could kill anyone with ease, even Naruto, who has recently lost the power of Kurama. It’s almost unbelievable that Shikamaru, who is supposed to be Konoha’s master strategist, made such a serious tactical error. The Eida storyline has been one of the least impressive in the series so far. While it was good to have brand-new villains that are not connected to Naruto in any way (unlike the Ōtsutsuki), Eida’s ability is simply too powerful, and it’s hard to imagine how the plot will develop from now on. Her obsession for Kawaki is also odd and, paired with Code’s sudden declaration of love for Eida, it seems that Boruto is unwillingly becoming a romance manga.

Shikamaru was trusted in the middle of this odd situation, and the result is that he took some very out-of-character decisions, which make him look very different from the genius hero he was in Naruto, and he could end up destroying Konoha once and for all.

Boruto Chapter #72 is available on Viz.

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