5 Reasons That Make Hisoka the Best Anime Character

With the increasing love for the evil characters, Hisoka has maintained a quite high ranking in the Hunter x Hunter Universe. 

Japanese manga author and illustrator Yoshihiro Togashi created the series Hunter x Hunter.  The anime itself was adopted twice for animation and features a distinct tale of a young kid named Gon Freecss who wants to become a powerful Hunter, an extraordinary being with the potential to achieve glory.

With both the assistance of his classmates and his potential, he searches for his father, who abandoned him while he was a small boy.

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The universe of the anime Hunter x Hunter is filled with fascinating stories and intriguing characters. Both heroes and antagonists are equally multifaceted, and each left a lasting impression long after the plot had gone on. But Hisoka’s very enduring persona is simply on another level.

5 reasons why Hisoka is the Best Character

Dangerous Villain

Hisoka shares a trait with the majority of shonen characters in that he enjoys engaging in physical combat with formidable foes. This is not a bad idea to do, although if Hisoka wins the battle, he frequently kills the victim.

He only wants to face the best, and he was so fixated on Gon and Chrollo Lucilfer that he devised numerous battle strategies just to fight these two.

He is a violent antagonist since he enjoys killing these targets, it is uncomfortable to see the clown lick the fresh blood off of his decks of cards without shuddering. So, yes getting his attention usually results in death.

Hunter x Hunter

Monstrous Power

He is not only a deadly villain but also a character that possesses a very powerful ability that can destroy his targets in seconds. Every battle made him look entertaining and scary, giving him an incredibly unique appearance.

He appears innocent enough with his bungee gum as well as clown outfit, though it’s obvious from the manner he attacks and the glare in his eyes that he’s not something to be toyed with. 

Hisoka has the Nen ability of Transmutation, which enables him to alter the nature or characteristics of his aura. He most frequently uses Elastic Love – Bungee Gum, which furnishes his aura with both rubber and gum-like characteristics. His final dominance over his opponent was demonstrated in the battle of the Heavens Arena.

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Peculiar personality

Whether it’s a straightforward, strong boy or a clan of vicious assassins, this shonen anime captures a variety of characteristics. The anime’s contribution in portraying the character of Hisoka is the best.

Hunter x Hunter: 5 Reasons That Make Hisoka the Best Anime Character

Hisoka is indeed a character whose behaviour is constantly in doubt, particularly when it comes to how he interacts with others. It is revealed that Hisoka is the fourth member of the Phantom Troupe, however, he only joined to take on the group’s leader, Chrollo Lucilfer.

Incredibly wicked

Hisoka Morow is indeed a magician and ruthless killer who uses violence as well as magic to battle anyone he views as powerful to the point of arousal. He is the best character in the entire world of anime thanks to this particular aspect.

Without a doubt, he is a real hottie, but along with his attractive features, he also possesses a hint of perversion. This peculiar quality of Hisoka’s nature is perfectly embodied by his passion for Gon. When he battled Gon in the Battle of the Heaven’s Arena, he said that battling a powerful opponent “turns him on.”

Hunter x Hunter

Highly Unpredictable

It is undeniable that Hisoka is egocentric, mischievous, and self-centred by nature, simply acting for himself. However, he transforms into a supporting hand when it comes to Gon. Although Hisoka began the story as the antagonist, there were instances when he aided the heroes.

The best illustration is from Greed Island, where he assisted Gon and Killua in defeating Razor together in a dodgeball match. He is a multifaceted individual who will act in any way he pleases. He might help Gon and Killua, but it was equally possible that he would turn on them.

Because of his unpredictable nature, audiences find Hisoka to be a more entertaining antagonist to see on television.

Check out the series on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

So, what are your thoughts on this egocentric personality of Hisoka? Tell us in the comments.

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