10 Things You Miss By Only Watching The Boruto Anime

Boruto may have had a rough start, but it’s a great addition to the Naruto universe. Despite that, the anime is still plagued with the same problems the original series had, including pacing issues and filler. This has often left fans debating whether it’s better to watch the anime or read the manga.

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While watching the Boruto anime has benefits, including animation and voice acting, fans miss a ton by choosing to skip the manga. Not only does the manga have a lot of hidden gems that would interest any fan of the series, but there are differences in the story itself that change the characters depending on what medium fans use to consume the story.

10 Boruto Fans See The Art The Way It Was Intended To Be Seen

Boruto fans don’t realize they will never see the artist’s original art style by watching the anime. It’s not the artist creating the animation, but rather a team of artists trying to imitate the original artist’s style.

While this doesn’t hugely impact the story, budgeting can affect how good the animation is, which reflects poorly on the artist. The manga may lack color, but it’s more detailed, and each panel has information that gets lost in translation. Fans who want to see the story the way the artist intended should pick up the manga.

9 Boruto Is A Brat In The Anime

Fans of the Boruto anime often complain about how stretched out the character development is. Since the series includes filler arcs like the original series, the main character, Boruto, doesn’t seem to change all that much.

Boruto comes across as incredibly whiny for a large chunk of the series, which is a massive turn-off to fans. His resentment towards his father, Naruto, may seem justified, but it takes far too long for the anime to resolve this tension. However, the character development in the manga is much more consistent. Boruto learns humility much faster, which makes more sense for a character like him.

8 The Boruto Manga Has Bonus Panels

Watching a story about kids learning to be ninjas is fun, but it’s even more remarkable when fans learn the process behind such an awesome story. It’s incredibly common for manga to include character pages and notes from the artist, which detail how they created the characters and what’s going on in the artist’s life.

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Boruto is no exception, as the manga often includes bonus panels of the characters getting up to random hijinks. Reading the manga is a must for any fan who loves these characters and wants to see more of them.

7 Boruto Manga Readers Don’t Have To Wait Like Anime Fans

It can be hard to wait for new episodes every week, but it’s even harder when fans have to wait a year or more for a new season to come out. Luckily for fans who don’t have the patience, the manga is several chapters ahead of the manga.

Any Boruto fan wanting to see what happens next in the lives of their favorite characters can pick up the manga and read ahead. This is also incredibly useful for those who want to avoid spoilers from other fans who read the manga and the chapter leaks.

6 The Boruto Manga Doesn’t Have Filler

Filler isn’t always a bad thing. A good filler will give more background on the characters and help Boruto fans understand the characters more. Fans like spending time with their favorite characters, so seeing them get up to random hijinks can be fun.

However, Boruto’s filler is drawn out and boring, negatively affecting the character’s development. Luckily, the manga does not have any filler. The manga is a better option for fans who want to see Boruto as the creators intended to tell the story.

5 The Boruto Manga’s Pacing Is Better

Like Naruto, Boruto has a huge problem with pacing. Most of the time, this is due to budgeting issues. Animation studios will drag out the plot of each episode so they save money. However, because of this, the story feels slower, and there will be episodes where almost nothing happens.

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The Boruto manga doesn’t have these budgeting issues. The biggest problem for manga artists is getting the story out as fast as possible. The faster pace of the manga makes for a much more exciting story, and any fan who finds themself bored with the anime may find reading the manga a better choice.

4 The Boruto Manga Takes Itself Seriously

Anime fans may not realize that the Boruto anime is much more childish than the manga. Not only does the anime censor some of the more violent moments, but even the colorful art style of the anime gives the series a more light-hearted appearance.

The goofy stories portrayed in the filler episodes detract from Boruto’s more serious moments. The episode “Hiashi’s Birthday” is an excellent example, considering Boruto spends the entire episode trying to find a present for his grandfather. The manga is the way to go for fans who want a darker story with a more gritty art style.

3 Some Boruto Characters Are Anime-Only

Someone who only watches the Boruto anime may not realize how many of the characters are anime only. This includes all the characters featured in the timeslip arc, which is actually a filler arc.

Going back in time to see younger versions of beloved characters seems like something the manga would do, but anime fans would be surprised to learn this isn’t the case. Fans who only watch the Boruto anime miss out on a lot of canon material with confusing filler arcs like this one.

2 The Boruto Anime Changes The Story

It’s not unusual for an anime to change a little bit of the story, and Boruto is no exception. The beginning of the anime is entirely different from the manga, for example.

While the manga starts when Boruto is accepted into the ninja academy, the anime begins its story with the plotline shown in Boruto: Naruto the Movie. Most fans don’t see this as much of an issue, but the differences can be pretty jarring for those who watch the anime and read the manga.

1 The Covers & Art Pages Are Only In The Boruto Manga

The best part of reading a manga is all the artwork that comes with it. This includes the side pages and cover art, which is especially good in the Boruto manga. The cover pages are colorful, and the art pages have an amount of detail that the anime will never hope to achieve.

​​​​​​​Not to mention, the covers perfectly reflect the events that take place in the story. Fans who only watch the anime miss out on collecting some beautiful artwork, showcasing the amazing characters Boruto has to offer.

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