10 Things About One Piece Everyone Either Loves Or Hates

Since its original manga run began in 1997, the One Piece anime continues to garner viewers around the world. The series follows Monkey D. Luffy’s dream to become the King of Pirates as he journeys with his crew, Straw Hats, to find the eponymous One Piece treasure.

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As the last remaining title of the Big Three (One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach), there are a lot of expectations weighing on its shoulders with every new episode leading to the eventual end of the series. With a name as big as One Piece, divisiveness is expected within the fan base. Whether it’s the length of the series, the power-scaling, or the filler arcs, One Piece presents many aspects that longtime viewers and new fans either love or hate.

The following contains spoilers for the ongoing One Piece manga and anime series.

10 There Are Over 1,000 Episodes On-Air

With no end in sight for the manga or the anime, One Piece continuously airs on local and international television. To date, there are 1,034 episodes available to watch on different media and platforms.

Catching up from the East Blue Saga to the Wano Country Arc would take at least seventeen days of non-stop watching. That’s way too many episodes, and those not watching the show may even find it ridiculous. On the other hand, die-hard fans that fell in love with One Piece enjoy the fact that they have a lot of episodes to rewatch and endless content to revisit.

9 Luffy’s Rubber Powers Are Way Too Overpowered

Luffy’s powers come from the Gomu Gomu no Mi, one of the rarest Devil Fruits, which gives rubber-like properties and abilities. At a glance, being flexible and stretchy doesn’t sound particularly special. However, in the events of the show, Luffy manages to defeat many enemies.

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According to the latest issue, Luffy’s Devil Fruit has awakened and revealed to not be a Paramecia-type but a mythical Zoan, the Human-Human Fruit Model Nika. While some fans are impressed by his immense power, there will be those who find it silly that a rubber man can be so strong.

8 The Void Century

Nico Robin’s lifelong dream is to decipher the Ponegylphs, and she joined the Straw Hats to fulfill this mission. The main storyline includes searching for their possible locations to complete the Void Century’s forgotten history. There is a total of 30, but only 22 of them are known so far.

While there’s nothing wrong with archiving historical events, it led to the genocide of the Ohara clan, and the motivation of greedy individuals who want to know the true history to find the One Piece treasure. The search for the Rio Poneglyph, like completing a puzzle, is both enjoyable and frustrating for viewers who are also curious to know the truth.

7 Sanji And His Love For Women

The hopeless romantic is a character trope found in many series, including One Piece. For a pirate with over a billion-belly bounty, Sanji’s weakness is chivalry. Although it may seem like a cool trait to be able to sense a woman crying or in danger from a mile away, not being able to attack a female enemy becomes his downfall.

Viewers may find Sanji’s personality cringeworthy because he fawns at every woman that comes his way. Meanwhile, fans of the lovable chef of the Straw Hats find this trait endearing, making him a comedic relief to counter his otherwise tragic backstory.

6 One Piece’s Non-Canon Filler Arcs

Weird One Piece episodes that have no ties to the main storyline are inevitable considering the intricate, long-running nature of the anime​​​​​​. Fillers happen when TV production moves faster than manga publication. Other reasons include filling plot holes that show how characters have developed or simply placing them in situations that are not canon.

Manga readers are known for disliking filler episodes because it catches them off-guard when they watch something that they haven’t read, thinking that it ruins the plot. On the contrary, some viewers see filler arcs as tools to relieve pressure from all the heavy drama or introduce new characters and movie spinoffs.

5 How Underrated The Worst Generation Is

After the Paramount War, 12 super rookies of infamous pirates emerged as the Worst Generation. Well-known for having bounties of over a hundred-million belly and going against the World Government, they were introduced in the show after hundreds of episodes.

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Anime watchers didn’t know anything about these new sudden characters, and it would have been better if their debut was built up because their appearance doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. On the other hand, manga readers enjoy that they are underrated since they’re already up-to-date with the main events, so they could only look forward to their expected debut onscreen.

4 The Storyline Doesn’t Stick To One Genre

Most anime sticks to its genre from start to finish. The audience knows what to expect when it comes to the mood of the show. One Piece, despite its extensive narrative, is filled with unresolved plot holes that viewers are aching to see resolutions to before the series ends.

Despite the action-adventure tag, the Straw Hats’ journey is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. Laughing and crying in one episode, while enjoyed by fans, can also be a deal-breaker for those who came for the epic battle scenes. Flip-flopping from one genre to another may be jarring at times, but it also attracts a wider range of fans.

3 It’s Both Mainstream And A Cult-Favorite

There’s no doubt that One Piece is known around the world. As of August 2022, it is both the best-selling manga series in history, and the best-selling comic series printed in book volume. It’s popular enough to have its own merchandise, games, spinoffs and movies.

Some fans dislike its popularity because they assume that not everyone knows what it’s really about. They prefer to keep its true value to themselves. On the other hand, there are those who love that the show gets the recognition it deserves, even if it’s just for a trend.

2 One Piece’s Animation Has Evolved So Much

Standard anime usually lasts for 12 episodes. Evolution of animation style would be the least expected characteristic of a show. But for an anime that has aired since 1999, with over 1,000 episodes, things are bound to take a turn in terms of production, but not everyone will appreciate all alterations.

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It’s only natural that the animation in the 1990s would differ from the style in 2022. Some fans believe One Piece‘s animation quality declined, altering its original style too much. Meanwhile, some fans that grew up with the anime will appreciate the changes it went through, treating the differences in style as visual glow-ups.

1 One Piece Includes Many Tear-Jerker Episodes

Eiichiro Oda, the original manga artist and creator of One Piece, is known for drawing characters with great detail and unique designs. Beyond the strange designs and explosive fight scenes, One Piece features very real, relatable characters and struggles. Oda insists that there’s no shame in crying or failing.

Nothing divides a fandom further than an anime’s ability to evoke emotion. Due to One Piece’s dark implications, deep, emotional scenes are inevitable. Whether it’s a tragic backstory, an intense conflict, or the death of main character, these shocking narrative decisions will frustrate some fans and move others.

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