10 Anime Characters Who Could Defeat Godzilla

Ever since the 1950s, the mighty kaiju Godzilla has reigned as the King of Monsters in cinema, and this beast is bigger and more popular than ever in all kinds of media, most often in live-action blockbuster movies. It’s never easy to take on this titanic lizard, even for the colossal King Kong, but some characters in anime have what it takes to triumph.

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Some anime fighters specialize in fighting other humans, such as snipers, expert martial artists, or swordsmen, but other characters have such enormous power, they could obliterate Godzilla itself in a battle in Tokyo Bay. Some of these anime characters are actually gigantic monsters themselves or can assume the form of a monster by magical or supernatural means.

10 Rimuru Tempest Could Devour Godzilla (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

By this point in the Slime anime, the isekai protagonist Rimuru Tempest can defeat pretty much any demon or monster put in front of him, with only a number of notable exceptions like Millim Nava the Dragonoid. Rimuru recently became a true demon lord, wielding world-shaking power and an endless list of spells and abilities.

If Rimuru went all out, he could restrain and badly injure Godzilla if the King of Monsters arrived in his forest home, and Godzilla would never land a blow in return. Then, Rimuru can use his Predator skill to envelop Godzilla in his slime body and gobble him up the way he did the first Geld and Ifrit.

9 Satoru Gojo Can Slay Godzilla With Infinity (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Like Rimuru Tempest, Satoru Gojo the sorcerer prefers peace over war, and he has all kinds of fun in his daily life. He also wields seemingly limitless power, and if Godzilla became a curse, then Satoru would answer the call of duty and face that kaiju right there in Tokyo Bay.

Satoru’s martial arts aren’t an option against this threat, so he must go all out and uncover his eyes. Satoru’s fearsome Curse Domain could then trap Godzilla in the boundless realm of Infinity, and the world would never have to fear Godzilla’s wrath ever again.

8 Kenpachi Zaraki Could Slice Godzilla In Half (Bleach)

Typically, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki of squad 11 holds back his true power so he can savor sword duels against the likes of Ikkaku and Nnoitora Gilga, but over time, he learned to embrace his incredible power and defeat the world’s strongest foes with pride. Against Godzilla, for example, Kenpachi will need shikai.

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Kenpachi’s shikai, Nozarashi, had the power to slash a huge, fast-moving meteor late in the Bleach manga, much to Gremmy’s shock. If Kenpachi can do that, then surely he could also slice Godzilla in half and show the King of Monsters what a real apex predator looks like.

7 Saitama Won’t Lose To A Lizard (One-Punch Man)

The caped baldy Saitama is the Earth’s trump card against any overwhelming threat that the other heroes cannot handle. S-ranked heroes like Atomic Samurai and Genos are quite powerful, but not even they could take on the likes of Lord Boros, for example, but Saitama can.

Now Saitama must face a monster he’s seen in movies, and he’ll be in awe, but certainly not feel fear. If Godzilla even tries to step on him or zap him with an energy beam, Saitama will swing his fist and send Godzilla right back to the ocean bottom with one punch.

6 Tomura Shigaraki Could Rot Godzilla Away (My Hero Academia)

When he first appeared, the supervillain Tomura Shigaraki wasn’t nearly strong enough to take down a colossal beast like Godzilla, but since then, his Decay Quirk has been awakened, and now he can vaporize huge swaths of material with a swipe of his hand. With such power, he really might succeed All For One sometime soon.

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In a city battle for Tokyo’s fate, Tomura could evade the huge, lumbering Godzilla and rot away large chunks of that beast’s flesh with repeated use of his awakened Quirk. Eventually, Godzilla must either retreat back to the ocean bottom or get rotted down to the bone.

5 Acnologia Is A Better, Badder Kaiju (Fairy Tail)

The fearsome black dragon Acnologia was once human, but he is now a dragon with limitless power, and he loves it all. Even by dragon standards, Acnologia’s power is simply overwhelming, and he’s pretty fast, too. Godzilla has never faced a kaiju like this before.

Acnologia can outmaneuver Godzilla in the skies, then tear apart the ocean-bound kaiju with his claws and fangs. Not even Godzilla’s devastating atomic breath attack can even the odds, and soon enough, Godzilla must heed its instincts and retreat.

4 Kaido Will Show Godzilla His Infinite Strength (One Piece)

There is a lot of competition in the One Piece universe when it comes to who is strongest, but if just one pirate or Marine were to face the mighty Godzilla, the best pick is one of four Emperors, the legendary Kaido himself. He is famed for being nigh-unkillable, and it’s easy to see why.

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Kaido’s human form boasts godly durability and strength, and he also ate a Devil Fruit that grants him a gigantic dragon form that’s even stronger. In this reptilian form, Kaido could most certainly defeat Godzilla in a clash of the titans and prove all the legends about him true. On land, sea, and air, Kaido is indeed the strongest creature to ever live.

3 Madara Uchiha’s Susanoo Should Do The Trick Against Godzilla (Naruto)

The notorious Madara Uchiha is the strongest member of his clan to ever live, and in battle, it seems there is nothing he cannot do. Madara can use all five elemental releases, along with Yin and Yang, and most of all, he has pushed the Mangekyo Sharingan to its absolute limit.

If he must face Godzilla, a tailed beast of sorts, Madara can unleash his mighty Susanoo and take on the King of Monsters with confidence. That Susanoo can endure any attack Godzilla throws at it, and eventually, Madara’s Susanoo blade will carve Godzilla into pieces.

2 Escanor Shall Slay Godzilla At Noon Sharp (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Escanor is the Lion Sin of Pride, and when the sun rises, so does his power. Escanor becomes the world’s strongest man when the sun shines upon him, to the point he can stand up to most demons and angels with his battle ax, Rhitta. But against Godzilla, Escanor will need some precise timing.

Escanor’s powers reach their peak for just one minute at noon sharp, and he can even take on Meliodas’ demon form with that power. Escanor becomes nigh-unbeatable in this narrow time frame, and he could certainly slay the colossal Godzilla at the apex of his strength.

1 Jiren Fears No Saiyan Or Kaiju (Dragon Ball Super)

The multiverse of Dragon Ball Super features a variety of characters who could take on Godzilla and slay him, with Jiren ranking high among them. Jiren is a member of the Pride Troopers and is, against all odds, even more powerful than Universe 11’s God of Destruction. Goku is in for the fight of his life, and so is Godzilla.

Godzilla’s mouth beams are like the Kamehameha, and Dragon Ball Super fans know how easily Jiren can deal with that technique. Then, Jiren can use his own offensive ranged move, Power Impact, to blast Godzilla into cinders with a single strike.

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